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Purple Peg
Due to the wide range in warning signs,
NO TWO PEOPLE with dyslexia will look exactly the same.
Preschool & Childhood
Dyslexia Warning Signs
Speech/Vocabulary |
delayed speech | mixing up the sounds or syllables in
long words | limited vocabulary | extremely poor written expression | unable to master a foreign language

Reading & Writing | late establishing a dominant hand | dysgraphia; poor handwriting (unusual pencil grip, unusual starting and ending points) | letter or number reversals continuing after first grade | extreme difficulty learning cursive | slow, choppy, inaccurate reading (guesses based on shape or context, skips or misreads prepositions, ignore suffixes, can't sound out unknown words) | terrible spelling | difficulty reading printed music

Memory | constant confusion of left versus right, over versus under, or other directionally based words and concepts | trouble memorizing address, phone number, or the alphabet | often cannot remember sight words or homonyms

Other | chronic ear infections | severe reactions to childhood illnesses | difficulty learning to tie shoes | cannot create words that rhyme | difficulty telling time on a clock with hands | trouble with math (memorizing multiplication tables, memorizing a sequence of steps, directionality) | extremely messy bedroom, backpack, and desk | dreads going to school (complains of headaches or stomach aches, may have nightmares about school)